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The Attic Pros offer the best Attic Insulation Removal & Installation Service around, thanks to our highly trained and capable attic service team. We have the best service crew in the industry, and all of our employees have been thoroughly screened and vetted, so you can feel safe inviting our employees into your home.

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Top quality service doesn’t mean you should be paying Top Dollar! Our rates beat all of our local competition, and Attic Pros will work do our best to work within your budget.

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At Attic Pros, we realize that clients have their own unique needs, and customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority. Our staff is always happy to discuss customer concerns, and then we will adjust our Attic Insulation Removal & Installation Service to match your preferences.

Have YOU replaced your Attic Insulation lately?

If your house is more than a few years old, Rodents have more than likely found their way into your attic. These unwelcome intruders can destroy insulation material, and the waste they leave behind can become a breeding ground for disease. Over time, the insulation becomes less effective at doing its job, and can introduce dangerous contaminants into your air vents.

Our Attic Insulation Removal & Installation service will restore your insulation back to working order, and protect your family’s health as well. First we remove the old insulation material and carefully dispose of it to avoid spreading the contamination further. Next we fully sanitize the area, and install brand new insulation made from quality materials. When the job is done you can rest assured that your insulation is working effectively and no longer placing your family’s health at risk.

We will be happy to fix your Attic issues in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, Santa Clara , bay Area & the surrounding locations. If you want the best Attic Maintenance Service in the Bay Area, give the Attic Pros a call today!

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We are a Residential Attic Cleaning Service Company. Our clients have been trusting Squirrel in Attic Removal to provide quality detailed cleaning service for safety of their home or business.

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Have you just discovered that rodents infested your attic? Afraid of rodent transmitted diseases? Well, you should be! Call Today, the Bay Area’s finest attic cleaning and rodent removal services, for immediate attic inspection!